The Healing Arts has allowed discovery through exploration of a fascinating world of possibilities.  The past twenty years has been an amazing journey of awareness and unfolding.  Truly a miraculous path, my journey has been blessed by encounters with tribal elders, native grandmothers, medicine men, monks, shamans, spirit workers, scientists, teachers, artists, children, yoginis, and musicians.

The Healing Arts has developed through countless and miraculous experiences that are ordinary occurrences in the shamanic world.  I love the connection that I feel when I engage in the practices of alternative methods of healing, which include meditation, yoga, chanting, visionary art, movement, ceremony, sound, medicine wheel healing circles, fire, and sweat lodges.

I truly feel grounded and centered in my life, having a sense of purpose that I didn’t have before.  The practices of breathing, meditation, reiki, sound healing, and chanting are ancient methods of gaining clarity.  However, the exciting news is the scientific community is able to document the effect on the brain, nervous system, and physical body that alternative healing methods achieve.

This is an exciting time to be alive and working with energy because we have a vast network of information, methods, skills, and mastery that have been shared by these ancient cultures.

New insights and frontiers have been opened because of the exploration into the mystical sciences.  The field of Quantum Physics is just beginning to open up and bring new focus and validation to subjects that were once viewed as magical, mystical, and imaginary.

The shamans and gurus of the old world were tuned in to the laws of the universe intuitively; we are now just beginning to understand through science.

What an exciting time to be alive!