Mari facilitates a number of classes to further expand the understanding of energy healing.

Whether it is a simple meditation class, Reiki training, mandala making, ceremonial traditions, Maris approach is inclusive and inviting, giving the participant the opportunity to partake and feel safe exploring new material.

The experience of working with Mari in ceremony, learning traditional healing and the opportunity to travel to Sacred Sites will expand your experiences and understanding.

Incorporating a multitude of tools to create a whole uplifting class. Her study of sound, color and art, vibrational healing, quantum physics, sacred geometry results in a multi-layered movement of energy and the potential for profound shifts in awareness and health.

Mari has been teaching and sharing for over 20 years, in her workshops she combines various traditions because there is such extensive knowledge from indigenous cultures, but also now the scientific community is validating the effect that energy-healing methods provide in recovery from accident, trauma, life changes or even simple curiosity.

Every class comes together in a practical and understandable format to allow the participant to feel and experience what is right for them and what is possible.