Flower of Life

Universal code – infinite grid of creation, part of the Egyptian mystery school. Geometric metaphor for the unfolding process of nature. This design was flash burned in the stone wall of Osirion Temple Complex, Abydos, Egypt. It is also in the Emerald tablets of Thoth – life force codes.

I started working with mandalas after having an experience that has changed my life. It occurred at a Reiki and Sound Healing Conference in Sedona. Jonathan Goldman was the main speaker of the event.

While I was waiting for lunch one day, Jonathan and I began to talk. He was admiring a Tibetan turquoise pendant that I was wearing and promptly offered to bless it. I agreed and so he began to chant in the ancient Tibetan lineage of the monks. I closed my eyes and after a moment I was stunned to see an explosion of light appear in my inner vision. Before me was a Sri Yantra design in brilliant white light.

This led me to explore the creation of Sri Yantra mandalas using sound, color, and Sanskrit lettering. I have continued my exploration of mandalas as healing tools and have learned a tremendous amount by not only creating them, but also teaching mandala making.