Mandala #4

I started working with mandalas after having an experience that has changed my life. It occurred at a Reiki and Sound Healing Conference in Sedona. Jonathan Goldman was the main speaker of the event.

While I was waiting for lunch one day, Jonathan and I began to talk. He was admiring a Tibetan turquoise pendant that I was wearing and promptly offered to bless it. I agreed and so he began to chant in the ancient Tibetan lineage of the monks. I closed my eyes and after a moment I was stunned to see an explosion of light appear in my inner vision. Before me was a Sri Yantra design in brilliant white light.

This led me to explore the creation of Sri Yantra mandalas using sound, color, and Sanskrit lettering. I have continued my exploration of mandalas as healing tools and have learned a tremendous amount by not only creating them, but also teaching mandala making.