Feathered Serpent

Energy of :
- Healing
- Regeneration
- Rebirth
- Important Mayan Guardian
- Emerald Green Feathers
- Balances the Chakras
- Completion of Nine
- Solar Disc - Mayan Calendar
- Balances the Chakras
- Birthing Into a New Sun

Symbol of V and Egg:
- Balance of Feminine & Masculine

This image was inspired by my trip to Guatemala , and the Fire ceremonies we were privileged to participate in with the High Mayan Priestess on the New and Full Moon. The emerald green feathers are the key to healing as the energy flows down through the chakras. The fire coming from Quetzalcoatl's mouth brings forward new life birthed in the balance of the male and female. Rising up through the nine worlds , the pyramid, to enter a new portal , gateway, birthing a new world.