Rainbow Star

The Rainbow Star is the three trinity, the ultimate expression of triad. It represents the highest achievement of any endeavor, the power of nine. Old Bury Fort, Cher Hill, U.K., 1999.

I began exploring crop circles and sacred geometry as the next step after creating mandalas. I became excited to realize that crop circles are directly connected to, and created, by sound. When I look at crop circles, I experience them by both hearing the sound of them and seeing them in color. Certain crop circles stand out as really delivering a powerful impact.

I have studied the phenomenon of crop circles and realized that there is so much more to learn. And yet already, many people respond to the work in very positive ways including master healers, who experience heightened energy and vibration from the crop circle art work.

In my ongoing study of sound and sacred art, I have discovered that ancient mandalas were used as meditation devices with chanting to enter elevated states of consciousness. The crop circles can also be used for meditation and healing.

The field of sound vibrations is being explored in the area known as Cymatics in physics which is a study of physicalized sound. Interestingly enough, the images that appear are exactly like sacred geometry symbols and the Sri Yantra is one of them.