Wings of Isis

Solar Disc

Energy of :
- Protection
- Divine Feminine
- Universal Consciousness
- Sound
- Love

Symbols :
- Eternal Life
- Goddess
- Connection to Hathors
- Divine Feminine
Eye of Horus:
- Opening of Third Eye
- Protection
Staff with Djed:
- Royal Staff
- Balancing-Body & Chakras
Round Cross:
- Symbol of Ancient Egypt
Feather of Maat:
- Justice
- Gateway
- Portal
Symbol for Isis:
- Royalty
- On Crown
Symbol of Sirius:
- Triangle and Ankh
-Solar Boat
- Gateway
- Wormhole
Snake in Lotus:
- Regeneration
Twelve Stars:
- Holy Number
- Opening of Consciousness
- Water

Wings of Isis was inspired by my trip to Egypt . The images of Isis, the Solar Disc and the Hathors were everywhere you looked. Isis - Goddess of Love and the Hathors - guardians of Sound Healing are central to the observance of the Divine Feminine and are important images to meditate on as we hold the energy of love. Each symbol is a catalyst for remembering our Divine Connection.

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